Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shakira, Shakira! The definitive Top 5

I only publish this now because the lithe Colombian superstar has just nudged a new entry into the list of the Top 5 Shakira songs of all time with the World Cup promoting "Waka Waka". And it's about time I paid tribute to a star who after all:

- has consistently turned out great pop music for over a decade
- writes (or co-writes) her own songs
- is one of those rare artists who is commercial and pop without being samey (see Top 5!)
- is a sexy dancer without being an over-choreographed robot
- makes interesting videos (La Tortura is not in the Top 5 but is the most striking of all - part pop diva, part BP oil spill)
- has not gone NUTS. Why do most girl singers lose it after a couple of hits? Many seem to Britney and Maria their way down the path to self-destruction and become circus freaks. From what I have seen on chat shows and the like, Shaks has stayed pretty much the same - humorous and reasonably normal. Here's the top 5:

5. The One
Released from the first album and not a great hit for her but it is a simple and brilliantly sung ballad. Early indication of her willingness to be a bit different is to be found in the first line: "So I find a reason to shave my legs . . ."

4. Waka Waka
Will be remembered long after the vuvuzelas have fallen silent. Pushed "Illegal" out of the Top 5.

3. Hips Don't Lie
The worldwide smash-hit song that needs no introduction. Shakira's dance-moves in the video still have the power to hypnotise men the world over. The clip below is off Spanish TV and features even more such moves than the original.

2. Underneath Your Clothes
Another great ballad which shows our Colombian's diversity and emotional depth. Her peak to date in song-writing terms from the first line: "Your a song, written by the hands of God"


1. Whenever,wherever
Her first big splash on the world music scene and still the best thing she has done - great intro, wonderful panpipes (never thought I ' d say that) and impossible not to get drawn into the chorus. Perfect pop.

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  1. Nice collection of songs here i found thanks for share and my favorite song is CAN'T REMEMBER TO FORGET YOU" FT. RIHANNA share that one if you have..
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