Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Leave Eliza Doolittle alone!

What's poor little Eliza Doolittle done to deserve the barage of abuse she's getting from the critics. I don't mean the fictional character from My Fair Lady of course but the young London singer who's currently got a great new single out called "Skinny Genes":


With it's addictively catchy intro, jaunty whistle and vocal stylings reminiscent of Corrinne Bailey Rae you'd think she'd be showered with praise but no, some of the snobs in the music press have got their knives out.

Guardian Music damned her with faint praise, said she wouldn't last long and intimated that she was a cynical record company project to fill the vacant ground left open by Lilly Allen's "retirement". Another critic managed to pack "annoying", "highpitched", "raspy", "predictable", "flimsy", "horribly laboured" and countless other brickbats into his scathingly dismissive review.

To be fair I've seen some more positive reviews but in general it looks like a case of cynical old-timers refusing to give bright and breezy pure commercial pop the time of day. The public are a better judge and I can see this song being a big hit and making these reviews look a bit "predictable", "flimsy" and "laboured" themselves.

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  1. Well, personally I love "Skinny Genes"!!!! Eliza is both beautiful and talented, and so is her mother Frances Ruffelle, "Les Miserables" star, "Eponine" (hope spelled right). So leave the girl alone-can't stop humming the tune of "Skinny Genes", and how many songs can you say that about now? I am 42 by the way, not an old fogey!!! Eliza is lovely to her fans on facebook too!!!!!

  2. who are these so called experts and why do they feel the need to share there overall appalling attitude with the rest of the world, whats a shame is these "experts" may put people off going out to buy the album or even see Eliza, i went to see her earlier in the week having only heard "pack up" and i can say that the show was very good but most impressive of all was Eliza's voice live really enjoyable chirpy and just good fun and i have since downloaded the album and really enjoy listening to it,now i'm no "expert" getting payed over the odds to be old and miserable but we should be rallying behind home grown talent and and encouraging creativity and talent not promoting fake idols like jordan and the rest of the Z listers in this country!Keep doing what your doing Eliza your a fantastic singer and an inspiration to many fans young and old
    Lee x


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