Wednesday, 3 February 2010

5 beautiful new songs that will never hit the charts

As regular readers will know my music tastes veer towards commercial pop and my weekly selection as Song of the Week is normally something fun and upbeat that is great to sing along to. This week's selection "Hey Soul Sister" by Train is such a choice but I also like to listen to lots of new indie, experimental and frankly obscure songs that are highly unlikely ever to hit the charts. It is very rewarding to find a beautiful sound that isn't repeated endlessly on the radio and deviates from the normal commercial strictures. Here are a few of the best I have heard recently:

Efterklang "Modern Drift" Brilliant, relaxing, chillout from the Danish band who have a new album out in February. Some of these selections might take a couple of listens to appreciate but not this one - it hooks you and transports you from the sweet piano intro. MP3 download here:

Tinashe "MayDay" Haunting is an overused adjective by music reviewers but this guy's voice is definitely that and also very soulful as befits a young Zimbabwean-born singer on Island Records. I like this remix on YouTube:

Active Child "I'm In Your Church Tonight" My favourite out of this selection. Title is apt as the sound puts you in mind of religious monks chanting in cloisters. Don't let that put you off as it is a superb song; one to listen to and unwind and destress.

BT - "Suddenly" The most pop and upbeat of these 5 songs. A real blast of electro-synth dance music but with a captivating vocal. From the latest album of Brian Transeau, a highly successful producer of hits for others and movie soundtracks.

Laura Veirs - "July Flame" There is real poetry in this low key ode to Summer and thwarted romance but also more: a great chorus and the kind of guitar that you would want to hear sitting on the porch on a hot lazy afternoon.

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