Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Roll Deep's Good Times and other daft lyrics

Four weeks as the UK number 1 for the entertaining and catchy "Good Times" by Roll Deep. I didn't make it Best Pop Song of the Week (that honour went to Elin Lanto's "Funeral" this week - more of that later) but that was only because I didn't realise I liked it at first, and by the time I did it wasn't New any more.

It is good, especially the chorus sung by Jodie Connor. It's one of those songs about the working week being done and letting your hair down with some wild partying. But hang on a minute aren't the lyrics are slightly absurd? If you don't know the song have a listen to the YouTube clip below. Roll Deep's idea of good times involves:

champagne-popping! yes, OK. Sounds like fun.
west end clubbing! count me in, good times indeed.
keep it rockin, party aint stoppin! wild. I'm up for it
late night shopping! er, what did you say? Your idea of a good times, non stop partying, hedonistic, thrill-seeking, clubbing night out is to go shopping? I mean late night shopping can be a passable time to spend a Thursday night, maybe combine it with a KFC Party Bucket or something, but I don't think this is what the cosmopolitan party animals really go for is it? Licking Cristal off a supermodel's chest in the VIP section or restocking on basic Tees at Gap? Hard choice.

As for my other daft lyric of the moment, we have to thank Elin Lanto and her track Funeral. If you don't know it then have a listen. It is great, I love the song, but there is something a bit odd about the chorus isn't there?

"No matter if you end up in heaven or in hell,
I'll be dancing on your funeral"

Sure I get the idea - you hate me so much you'll be celebrating when I die but that second line doesn't quite make sense does it. You might dance at a funeral, either at the graveside (bit tactless) or at the wake afterwards (practically obligatory at most of the ones I have been to), but ON a funeral? Elin is Swedish and I think it's a bit of a misunderstanding. A native English-speaker would have said I'll be dancing at your funeral, not on. I think she took funeral to be like birthday or wedding day, because they are occasions when "on" would be appropriate. The little slip actually improves the song - makes it sound like she wants to dance all over your grave in front of the mourners. What kind of a bunny boiler is she anyway?

Any more daft lyrics around?

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