Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Scissor Sisters: less of the tight butts please

The Scissor Sisters have decided to promote their new album "Night Work" with a black and white picture of a finely toned set of male buttocks, presumably being the album cover. Now I am not homophobic or insecure about my own rather less finely toned rear end but is this really necessary?

Say I am about to enjoy my lunchtime sandwich and decide to browse a few of my favorite popsites, do I deserve to have clenched buns thrust in my face? Maybe it's just me but that's quite an appetite suppressant.

The new album is called "Night Work" so could they not have used a picture of a (female) nurse for example doing a late shift or a night porter? Actually I just Googled night porter and the images I came up with are not helping: a half naked woman in a nazi uniform, I think it must be a German film or something. Perhaps Night Work (like Scissor Sisters) is one of those innocent sounding phrases that has some ghastly double meaning in the gay world, so I am being naive as well as prudish.

Any way the album is being promoted with lead single "Fire with Fire" and it is a half decent track actually. And just to show the Scissor Sisters I can fight fire with fire, I have headed this post with my very own black and white buttock picture; a remarkable image I pulled off the internet (well, you don't think I keep pictures of dodgy looking birds slapping their butts with spatulas on file just in case do you?)

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