Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Shouldn't The Black Eyed Peas be selling better?

After virtually monopolising the World's charts since before Summer and with another big hit out right now (Meet me Halfway) this sounds like a silly question. Of course they are doing fine but what about the album "The END"? It's currently no 20 in the US and no 5 in the UK (up from 10 last week). But with three huge hit singles behind it, shouldn't it be racking up sales of almost Thriller like proportions? I don't know how many albums they've shifted worldwide but I would be surprised if the record company isn't thinking "What do we have to do? A very popular supergroup bring out a great album with three hit singles and it's sales are moderate". Albums by Lady GaGa and Kings of Leon should surely be higher in the charts than the 20s even after being on release a while?

I picked a song from One Republic's new album last week and while looking for other reviews of it I was inundated with links to free downloads and fileshares. In the first week of release it seems people were interested in the music just not buying it legally. Also it seems we are moving away from an album culture back towards an emphasis on single songs, again the result of internet downloads (legal or not) and Youtube. Maybe mega-selling albums are a thing of the past.

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