Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Christmas songs - 2 good , 2 bad

It's that time of year when it seems like half of the music biz is trying to cash in on seasonal good cheer and bag a Xmas hit. You can hardly blame them as one sizeable hit can mean royalty cheques for a lifetime as they are re-hashed, re-released, crammed into endless compilation albums and used to sell us stuff. From what I have heard this year not too many stars will be drawing a pension from their Christmas offerings. The one exception could be "I Wish it Was Xmas Today" by Julian Casablancas which is catchy, offbeat and has the requisite bells. The Pet Shop Boys "It doesn't often snow at Christmas" is growing on me which is more than I can say for Rolf Harris' "Christmas in the Sun" which is simply atrocious (he is nearly 80). George Michael has re-released the underwhelming "December Song" with a very good animated video but the track itself does little for me. Any way he must still be coining it in from Last Christmas. Humbug.

NIE number Spain NIE number Spain

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