Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Top 5 Discoveries of 2009

I've already posted my top 5 songs of the year but here are some more obscure or at least lesser-known non-hits that I've enjoyed as much (in fact more - there's nothing like unearthing a gem that few others seem to know about).

Well OK I didn't discover them really - I relied on excellent sites like NPR and Pop Justice which both do "song of the day" features. Nevertheless I did manage to find some great pop music that hasn't hit the charts or yet become mainstream. Here are my favourite tracks that haven't been hits yet but which I've enjoyed enormously (and played a lot).

The Raveonettes - "Boys Who Rape Should All Be Destroyed" (post "A great song for lovers of pop (and haters of rapists)")
Hurts - "Wonderful Life" (post "Hurts - a Pet Shop Boys for the 90s?")
Eels - "That look you gave that guy"
The Wonder Girls - "Nobody" (post "I Wonder what happened to the Wonder Girls")
Dragonette - Easy (post "This Week's selection was Easy")

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