Sunday, 20 December 2009

A great song for everyone who likes original pop music (and hates rapists)

I stumbled across a song called "Boys Who Rape Should All Be Destroyed" by the Raveonettes and am playing it all the time.

I didn't think it was mainstream enough to pick for my site "The Best New Pop Song of the Week" but maybe I should because it is a brilliant, instantly likeable and original song. Despite the title being a little on the unusual side it is actually a very accessible pop song. There is a lot of distortion going on reminding me of a Jesus and Mary Chain song but also a very infectious melody. I hadn't heard of the band but they are a Danish duo based in NY and it seems contrasting an almost Spector-like pop sound with darker lyrics and themes is typical of their output. I like "Candy" which is on YouTube and found this download of a song called "Suicide" which also sounds good.

Suicide by the Raveonettes

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