Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Killers slightly unusual festive offering

This week's best new pop song, very appropriately as we build up to Christmas, is "Happy Birthday Gudalupe" by The Killers. I have a few Christmas songs on my playlist right now - see previous post 2 good, 2 bad - but this is the most unusual. Not because it features Luke Perry with a beard in the video or because it seems to be a birthday rather than Christmas song or even because it's a charity record, but because it is so Hispanic-sounding. It seems odd to hear the Mariachi (Mexican) backing group's spanish guitars and trumpets instead of the usual Christmas sounds of chiming bells and uplifting choirs but it seems to work. The lead vocals of Brandon Flowers stamp it with Killers authenticity and the lyric "put your feet up, it's Christmas time" is a great seasonal message we can all relate to. It's a joyous holiday treat and I'm happy to recommend it on my site The Week's Best Pop Song.

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